Ex-libris Leaves
Dimensions 7 x 5 cm
Matisse made these leaves by cutting cardboard. These decoupages, with organic shapes that remind us of nature, have become true icons in the contemporary art scene.

An ex-libris stamp designed especially for you

All you have to do is provide the name you want to appear on the stamp, you can do it in the Inscription section located just below the options. The production is done in a sustainable way in my workshop. I manufacture your stamp upon receipt of your order.
Each stamp created in the workshop is unique and personalized.

The perfect choice for marking your art books

Conceived especially for art lovers in all its expressions, this collection incorporates selected fragments of the pictorial elements that Matisse captured in his iconic paintings. If you have a section of books dedicated to art in your library, this stamp becomes your choice par excellence.

Remember that in the "Gifts" section you can buy a gift card so you can choose what you like the most.

It is advisable to clean the ex-libris after each use so that the seal lasts longer. After marking your books, simply take a sheet of paper and stamp until there is no ink left. Do not wash it with water or use solvents, as these could damage the engraving. Avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces or scouring pads.

The entire production process takes place in Roser's workshop in Barcelona.

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