Book with legsBook with legs

Book with legs

From $51.00
Head with booksbooks and head exlibris custom

Head with books

From $51.00


From $51.00
Water readerWater reader

Water reader

From $51.00
Readerreader exlibris custom


From $51.00


From $51.00


From $51.00
Exlibris personalizado Cara de libro Les tampons de Roserface book exlibris custom

Book face

From $51.00
exlibris personalizado Barquito de Papel Les tampons de Rosership exlibris custom

Paper boat

From $51.00
sello con dibujo de amapolas de Les tampons de Rosersello con dibujo de amapolas de Les tampons de Roser


From $51.00
Books flyingBooks flying

Books flying

From $51.00
Date vegetableDate vegetable

Date vegetable

From $51.00
Exlibris personalizado lectora Les tampons de Roserwomen reader exlibris custom

Female reader

From $51.00
Exlibris personalizado Gatos Les tampons de Rosercats exlibris custom


From $51.00
<tc>Comic Book</tc><tc>Comic Book</tc>

Comic Book

From $63.00
Date rectangleDate rectangle

Date rectangle

From $51.00
Reader in waterReader in water

Reader in water

From $51.00
Exlibris personalizado Corona de Laurel Les tampons de Roserlaurel wreath exlibris custom

Laurel wreath

From $51.00
Exlibris personalizado gato de espaldas Les tampons de Rosera cat back exlibris custom

Cat from behind

From $51.00
Exlibris flores campanillas hecho por les Tampons de RoserExlibris flores campanillas hecho por les Tampons de Roser


From $51.00


From $51.00
Geometric loversgeometrical lovers exlibris custom

Geometric lovers

From $51.00
Crown of ivyCrown of ivy

Crown of ivy

From $51.00
Ex-libris flor silvestre hecha por les Tampons de RoserEx-libris flor silvestre hecha por les Tampons de Roser

Wild flower

From $51.00
Red fishesRed fishes

Red fishes

From $51.00

Examples of ex-libris

In my store you will find a wide variety of ex-libris and stamps to mark your books and show the world your love for reading.

If you are a book lover, you know how important it is to have your own library that reflects your tastes and personality. And what better way to do that than with an ex-libris? These stamps are a unique and elegant way to identify your favorite books and make sure they always come back to you.

An ex-libris for everyone

In my store, you will find a wide selection of ex-libris for all readers, in different sizes, designs and styles. From delicate and elegant designs to personalized and eye-catching stamps: we have options for all tastes and preferences. Do you prefer a classic or modern design? Do you want an ex-libris with your name or initials? Or maybe you prefer an ex-libris with an inspirational quote? We have all this and more!

Quality ex-libris

The ex-libris are made with high quality materials and are durable. We also offer personalized ex-libris, so you can create a unique ex-libris that reflects your style and personality.

In addition, you can order your ex-libris to arrive ready to give as a gift, they are the perfect gift for friends and family who also love books.

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