In this collection dedicated to gifts, I present to you an exquisite selection of options to surprise and delight. An ex libris can be a nice gift for someone who loves books and has a personal collection of them. An ex libris is a stamp with which to mark the inside of a book to identify the owner. It is a very personal, decorative and practical object that is appreciated by book lovers.

A personalized ex libris is an item aimed at book lovers who want to share their passion for reading and their books . This small but significant detail allows readers to leave their mark on their books and makes books borrowable without fear of losing them.

If you know someone who has a large book collection or is an avid reader , a personalized ex libris can be a very original and unique gift. Be sure to choose a design that suits her personal style and preferences, and consider adding a personalized message or motif to the tag to make the gift even more meaningful.


Imagine giving a personalized gift box that includes an ex-libris, with the inscription of your choice, and a bookmark full of literature. You can also opt for our gift boxes containing special stationery, three bookmarks and a charming garland. It's up to you which color and design best suits the recipient's taste!

Occasions to give ex-libris

A personalized ex-libris can be a thoughtful and unique gift for a birthday, graduation or any other special occasion. It can also be an original gift for children who are beginning to read and can be a creative way to foster a love of reading in the youngest. It is also an excellent gift to celebrate World Book Day and show your esteem for literature and culture.

If you have a friend or loved one who loves books, a custom-made ex-libris just for he is an original and meaningful choice that you are sure to appreciate. On the web you will find all the information to buy a personalized bookplate, handcrafted with top quality materials.

A personalized ex-libris is a gift that is not only useful , but it also shows that you have taken the time and dedication to choose something that suits their tastes and personality. So don't hesitate to explore our options and surprise your loved one with a personalized ex-libris that will make them feel special.


In addition, we offer the option of gift cards, so you can let the special person choose their favorite gift. All our products are carefully designed and made with quality materials to ensure a unique and lasting gift.

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