Ex-libris Elephant
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

This elephant is a wise reader, he devours every book that passes in front of him.

A personalized ex-libris, an unforgettable present

An ex-libris stamp can be a special gift for a child who is beginning to read. By giving it as a gift, you are conveying the message that his book collection is a treasure and that his love of reading is precious. You also add a creative dimension to their reading experience, as stamping is a fun activity for young children. To make sure the stamp arrives personalized to the recipient, simply write the name in the "Inscription" box.

The importance of reading to children

Introducing children to reading is key to expanding their vocabulary and improving their communication skills. Therefore, it is recommended that from an early age they listen to stories orally and gradually begin to explore reading independently.

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