Ex-libris Cottage
Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm.

This cottage is a luxury, the door has no key and is always open for those who want to share their travels, their experiences, their life and see their sadness vanish through the smoke of the chimney. It also has a vegetable garden in the back and a garden with a large and robust tree that gives shade to sit and read. This ex-libris stamp is for lovers of the rural world, those who dream of retiring in a small village where they can live each of the seasons of the year to the rhythm of nature.
Personalized ex-libris - Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription section just below the options.
All stamps are handmade.

Perfect! Write the dedication in the "notes" section on the cart screen. The gift will arrive with a postcard that will carry your message.

After marking your books with the ex-libris, take a sheet of paper and stamp the stamp until no mark remains. Then, store it in the cloth bag you received with shipping so the seal lasts a long time.

The manufacturing time of the ex-libris stamp is one business day.

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