Cat from behind


Ex-libris Cat from behind
Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm.

Who could spend a day in the skin of a cat and see the world from its point of view. Climbing without any problems, jumping without any problems over enormous distances, meditating while looking at the horizon and taking endless naps without any worries. This michino meditates calmly, motionless. We don't know what's going through his mind, maybe he's planning a nap on a neighbor's rooftop where the sun shines in the afternoon. For now it is an ex-libris stamp that is stamped on the pages of a book waiting for a letter that wants to vanish to hunt it. 
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All stamps are handmade.

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It is advisable to clean the ex-libris after each use so that the seal lasts longer. After marking your books, simply take a sheet of paper and stamp until there is no ink left. Do not wash it with water or use solvents, as these could damage the engraving. Avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces or scouring pads.

The entire production process takes place in Roser's workshop in Barcelona.

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