Les Tampons de Roser

Portrait Stamp - Duo


You make a perfect duo with your partner and you want to stamp it all over the place so that everyone knows about it. We have what you need: this pack of two personalized stamps with your portraits.

All our stamps are handmade.

In our workshop we metamorphose your photograph to turn it into a completely personalized stamp. Everything is done under our pampering and care so that when the tampon arrives at home it has a wow effect and you want to stamp everything with it.

How are our personalized stamps?

Our personalized stamps are 100% handmade, thought to the smallest detail to offer the highest possible quality. When you order it you will receive a 5 x 7 cm stamp mounted on a polished wooden handle, in which the portrait you have sent us will appear, in the options you can add an ink to the shipment, we have inks of different colors: black, green, blue , red, yellow and brown.

Instructions to receive a personalized stamp with your portrait.

For your stamp to be magnificent, we need you to send us a sharp, clear, well-defined photograph of the highest quality. To do this, you only need to upload your file by clicking on select file. We cannot reproduce blurred or small images, as the result will not be as expected. If you have doubts about which image to send us, you can always contact us using our contact form.

Precision: this is a portrait stamp

We do not reproduce full body images, the only thing that interests us is your face. So we will crop your photograph so that only your bust appears. We are not interested in the background either, so if your image is on a white or plain background, even better.

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