Les Tampons de Roser

stamp for weddings


Custom stamp with the name of the couple and the wedding date.
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm.

You want to celebrate a bohemian, ecological, original wedding, where everyone enjoys. You want to make a sustainable meeting, making the invitations yourself, the gifts for the guests,... In short, you want everything to be taken care of in detail. With this stamp for the bride and groom, you can forget about printers and stamp it wherever you want: on the decoration, on the envelopes of your invitations, on the hands of the guests at the party, on the coasters, on the menu card, on the fabric that covers your gift to the guests. Give your imagination carte blanche and create an original world with this stamp for weddings.

Personalized stamp - Do not forget to write the name of the couple and the date of the wedding in the Registration section that you will find just below the options.

All stamps are handmade.

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