Les Tampons de Roser



Ex-libris Slate.
Dimensions: 7 x 5 cm.

I'm sure we've all tried to be good students, some have succeeded more than others. But I am also sure that at some time we have let ourselves be carried away by the group and we have made the class impossible for a teacher by creating paper airplanes and making them fly when he turned to write down the lesson we had to learn on the blackboard. With this exlibris you will be able to excuse yourself from all the stupid things you have done during the school year and that your teacher has suffered. Showing them that, although there are times when you have not been an exemplary student, you always carry them in your heart.

Personalized ex-libris - Do not forget to write your name in the Registration section that you will find just below the options.

All stamps are handmade.

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