Les Tampons de Roser

Bookplate Eye


Ex-libris Eye

Dimensions: 5 x 5 cm

Based on the work of Maruja Mallo, in this stamp I wanted to take this eye out of its context, thus creating an abstract geometric shape, in honor of the geometries that we can find in bodies painted by Mallo.

The artist Mallo is a key figure of the generation of 27 considered the most original, modern and transgressive woman in Spain in the twenties and thirties in the words of Tània Balló.

An ex-libris to mark your collection

Facts from A to Z by Roser. Each of the stamps in this collection is made for a single purpose: to mark your collection of books. There are readers who for this only acquire a stamp that accompanies them throughout their lives, others prefer one for each theme of your collection.

A unique collection

Without a doubt, this is the right seal if you want to mark art books with a gender perspective or books dedicated to women throughout history. It is also a stamp designed for souls who like geometry and abstract bodies.

The “Ojo” ex libris is part of my “Mallo” collection with three other stamps: “Wheat fingers”, “Verbena guitar” and “Wheat grains”. All of them have been elaborated to offer original models dedicated to the world of art.

Personalized ex-libris - Do not forget to write your name in the Registration section that you will find just below the options.

All stamps are handmade.

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