You can have more than one ex libris

Most people who own an ex libris keep the same stamp for their entire lives. Your ex libris becomes a unique and personal signature. But nothing prevents you from having more than one tampon. In fact, there are many reasons to have more than one ex libris: bibliophiles, collectors, lovers of ex libris will find you a thousand. The ex-libris, for example, is an interesting solution to classify books in collections. Another example is that some people appreciate renewing their bookplates to mark important milestones in their lives.

For debutants in ex libris

Obviously, lovers of books and bookplates don't need to think too much about finding a good reason to buy new bookplates. Some people collect them. You can create an ex-libris collection with your name just like you can create a collection of old ex-libris that belonged to other people. The ex libris is a world apart within bibliophilia. For people interested in the history of ex libris, I recommend these two books L'ex-libris by Germaine Meyer-Noirel and Ex libris of the owner of the books of Francesc Orenes.

Ex-libris carpas japonés estampado en rojo

An ex libris for each collection

In the article Where does the word ex-libris come from?, we saw that the term ex-libris could be used to indicate the origin of books in a library. And that it can be declined in ex hereditate, ex praemio, ex dono, ex biblioteca. We also saw that variations of the term could be used to designate the themes of book collections, such as: ex musicis, ex eroticis, ex numismaticis, ex poeticis, ex philosophicis or ex comicis, etc. An idea to take into account for people or institutions that wish to mark the origin and classification of their books.

For multilingual readers, you can also choose to use terms other than ex-libris depending on the language of your collection. In English, the most common inscription is Bookplate or My book, in German Buchzeichen or Mein Buch, in Dutch Boekmerken, and in Hungarian Könyve.

Change your ex libris at each new period of your life

We can also have a new ex libris for each new stage of our life. In What are ex-libris for?, we saw that an ex-libris stamp could be a great gift idea to mark an important stage in the life of the reader, such as professional success , passing an exam, the birth of a child... The ex-libris is a noble object that refers to the identity of its owner. It is for this reason that the owner may want to give as much information as possible when marking his personal library. If you think it might be a good time to get a new ex-libris, order your personalized ex-libris on our website.

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