Where is the ex-libris stamp placed?

In most cases, ex libris are stamped on the book cover page or on the previous cover page, that is, on the inside of the cover. But nothing prevents us from breaking with the usual practice and looking for another place in the book. Broadly speaking, we put the ex libris before the first pages of a book. But why not put it in the middle or at the end of the book? Rules are meant to be broken, right?

The correct use

The term ex-libris comes from the Latin “ex libris mei” which means “to be part of my books”. By definition, it is therefore an inscription that we will add inside a book to mark its possession. In addition, as we have seen, the bookplate is traditionally engraved on the back of the covers or on the first pages of the books. To announce ownership of the object before it is read. You may also prefer to stamp your ex-libris after reading the book, on the last page or on the back of the back cover, as a ritual marking completion of the reading.

Ex-libris mapache para pequeños

Add new utilities to exlibris

Ex-libris are for books. Okay, but who's stopping you from stamping your university courses, your bookmarks, your letters or postcards, your records, your DVDs or Blu-ray? An ex libris is also a great idea for tattoos. Plus, you can even try and see how it looks with your stamp before going to your favorite tattoo artist.

Some ideas for the iconoclasts

If you just want to stamp your book collection, you can venture outside the endpaper, omit the preface or opening words, and find where you like to leave your stamp. Nothing prevents you from marking your books several times: at each new part, or new chapter, at the pages that contain important passages that you want to find easily... Another idea, it can also be fun to create a code: mark the page number corresponding to your age when you read the book for the first time, or always stamp the same page if you have a lucky number. Here is the last idea, think that you can play with the colors, change the inks, color your engravings, etc. In short, there are many possibilities and things to imagine to make an original use of your bookplates.

If with these ideas you are already determined to get your personalized ex-libris, don't wait any longer and order your ex-libris to mark your books and don't forget to buy ink!

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