Wild flower


Wild flower

Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

I found this flower one day walking in the countryside, on one side of the road was full of wild flowers. Among them this one impressed me with all its flowers hanging and so I transformed it into this ex-libris reminiscent of Japanese stamps. 

Ex-libris stamps handmade by craftsmen

As I always tell you, each of the stamps in my store are made by me from A to Z. I start with the drawing, in this case it was a direct inspiration with nature and continue until I get to the final prototype. This allows me to control the quality of the final stamp, so that it is perfect.
All the ex-libris stamps in this workshop are personalized with your name. You just have to put it in the registration box and it will be delivered to your home.

Recuerda que en la sección de "Regalos" puedes comprar una tarjeta regalo para que elija lo que más le guste.

Es recomendable limpiar el ex-libris después de cada uso para que el sello perdure más tiempo. Después de marcar tus libros, simplemente toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede tinta. No lo laves con agua ni uses disolventes, ya que podrían dañar el grabado. Evita frotarlo contra superficies abrasivas o estropajos.

Todo el proceso de elaboración se lleva a cabo en el taller de Roser en Barcelona.

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