Vase with flowers


Ex-libris vase with flowers.
Dimensions 7 x 5 cm.

Vases with flowers appear as one of the recurring elements in Matisse's paintings. Throughout his paintings we observe how he achieves a harmonious balance between naturalistic representation and abstract expression.

A custom-made ex-libris stamp

You only need to write the name you want to incorporate in the stamp in the Inscription section, located below the options. Our stamp production is carried out in a sustainable way, making the manufacturing once we receive your order. Each stamp that emanates from our workshop is unique and personalized, guaranteeing a unique experience for you.

Perfect for marking your art books

This collection is specially created for art enthusiasts in all its manifestations. Within it, I have recovered fragments of the pictorial elements that Matisse captured in his paintings. If part of your book collection is dedicated to art, this stamp is the ideal choice for you.

Recuerda que en la sección de "Regalos" puedes comprar una tarjeta regalo para que elija lo que más le guste.

Es recomendable limpiar el ex-libris después de cada uso para que el sello perdure más tiempo. Después de marcar tus libros, simplemente toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede tinta. No lo laves con agua ni uses disolventes, ya que podrían dañar el grabado. Evita frotarlo contra superficies abrasivas o estropajos.

Todo el proceso de elaboración se lleva a cabo en el taller de Roser en Barcelona.

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