Ex-libris Tulip
Dimensions: 5 x 10 cm.

The tulip is a flower native to Turkey, even if we associate it with the colorful fields of the Netherlands. This flower has a particular history in the seventeenth century was the subject of speculation, tulip bulbs became a very expensive value, creating an economic bubble that like all would burst and would be remembered as the tulip crisis. But that crisis did not change their beauty and only became an anecdote. There are one hundred and fifty species of tulips and I have drawn this one to create an ex-libris that is stamped with two stamps to put color to this red tulip.  
Personalized ex-libris - Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription section just below the options.
All stamps are handmade.

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Es recomendable limpiar el ex-libris después de cada uso para que el sello perdure más tiempo. Después de marcar tus libros, simplemente toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede tinta. No lo laves con agua ni uses disolventes, ya que podrían dañar el grabado. Evita frotarlo contra superficies abrasivas o estropajos.

Todo el proceso de elaboración se lleva a cabo en el taller de Roser en Barcelona.

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