Cat lying down

Ex-libris Cat lying down
Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

This cat likes to lie on his back, raise his paws to the sky and have his belly stroked, something that not all cats appreciate. This kitty is so calm that he can sleep up to twenty hours a day and when he sees a human sitting on a sofa he will run to lie down next to him for company. No doubt he will do it every time you start reading, on the first page of your book. He will purr softly so that you don't lose the thread. With this exlibris stamp you will gain a quiet and affectionate companion.

Personalized stamp for books

Every stamp that comes out of my workshop is a testament to craftsmanship, crafted with attention and dedication at every step of the process. Every detail is carefully crafted, especially the reader's signature. Write your name in the inscription section so that I can personalize your stamp and have it delivered to your home ready to stamp your books.

Lend your books with total security

By affixing your ex-libris stamp on your books, you will be able to lend your books safely. The ex-libris stamp acts as an unmistakable hallmark. Not only does it prevent your books from being confused with someone else's, but it also serves as a visible reminder that the book has a specific owner.

¡Perfecto! Escribe la dedicatoria en el apartado de "notas" en la pantalla del carrito. El regalo llegará con una postal que llevará tu mensaje.

Después de marcar tus libros con el ex-libris, toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede ninguna marca. Luego, guárdalo en la bolsa de tela que recibiste con el envío para que el sello dure mucho tiempo.

El tiempo de fabricación del sello ex-libris es de un día laborable.

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