Ex-libris Stack of books


Ex-libris Stack of books

Dimensions: 5.5 x 1 cm

A beautiful handmade stamp to seal the flyleaf pages of your books.
With its two small stacks of books, this exlibris has a sober and delicate style that evokes the iconography of libraries and bookstores.

For your beloved books 

Like all the stamps in my store, this model was designed in my workshop in Barcelona with all the love in the world. I wanted to make a simple and timeless ex-libris that made reference to the world of books, libraries and bookstores.

An exquisite ex-libris

With its subtle appearance, this stamp is discreet in the guard of the book it prints. Its sobriety makes it a timeless bookplate that pays tribute to bibliophilia.
The "Pile of books" bookplate is part of my "Minimal" collection with three other stamps: "Around the book", "Library of" and "Initials". All of them have been elaborated to offer discreet models dedicated to the world of books.
Personalized ex-libris - Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription section just below the options.
All stamps are handmade.

¡Perfecto! Escribe la dedicatoria en el apartado de "notas" en la pantalla del carrito. El regalo llegará con una postal que llevará tu mensaje.

Después de marcar tus libros con el ex-libris, toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede ninguna marca. Luego, guárdalo en la bolsa de tela que recibiste con el envío para que el sello dure mucho tiempo.

El tiempo de fabricación del sello ex-libris es de un día laborable.

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