Ex-libris Initials


Ex-libris Initials

Dimensions: 5.5 x 1 cm.

Stamp your books with your initials. This ex libris offers a sober and minimalist stamp to stamp even the smallest of your books.
This stamp goes to the essentials, it was designed for reserved people or those who may be afraid of staining their books.

A handcrafted ex libris

It is to pay tribute to borrowed books, to the culture of sharing and exchanging books that I wanted to create this stamp. A handmade stamp, whose minimalist style allows you to remain in the background, thanks to the object it prints: the book.

To stamp in secret

With this exlibris, all you have to do is stamp your personal library. When you buy or receive new books, you can mark the property directly or for the more daring, wait until you finish reading them, as a ritual gesture.
Designed to mark your initials, this ex-libris is part of the "Minimal" collection with three other stamps: "Library of", "Surrounding the book" and "Pile of books". This collection has been designed to offer stamps with discreet designs.
Personalized Ex-libris - Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription section just below the options.
All stamps are handmade.

¡Perfecto! Escribe la dedicatoria en el apartado de "notas" en la pantalla del carrito. El regalo llegará con una postal que llevará tu mensaje.

Después de marcar tus libros con el ex-libris, toma una hoja y estampa el sello hasta que no quede ninguna marca. Luego, guárdalo en la bolsa de tela que recibiste con el envío para que el sello dure mucho tiempo.

El tiempo de fabricación del sello ex-libris es de un día laborable.

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