Ex-libris Owl
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

This owl is the wise one of the group. While the others sleep at night, he stays awake protecting them and watching everything that happens around him. During the day he likes to read, rest and listen very attentively to the adventures that his friends have experienced on their walks.

A personalized ex-libris the best gift

An ex-libris stamp can be a meaningful gift for a child who is just starting to read. With this gift you are telling him that his library of books is a treasure and that his love of reading is something important. In addition, you add a manual activity to the pleasure of reading, since stamping a stamp is a fun moment for the little ones. For your stamp to arrive home personalized, remember to write your name in the "Inscription" box.

Reading, a space for imagination and creativity

Reading books for the little ones is discovering worlds full of imagination. Reading is a source of creativity for young readers, as it helps them to visualize situations and characters that go beyond their everyday life.

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