Ex-libris Dog
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

Our dog is the most loyal of the whole gang, he loves to spend the day with his friends, looking for treasures in the forest. Thanks to his sense of smell they always discover something buried. He likes to run and take naps in the sun after a good meal. His favorite accessory is the scarf he wears around his neck, which fits him very well.

An ex-libris stamp for a little reader

Ex-libris stamps are used to mark personal book collections. Many readers have started signing with stamps when they were very young, and now, as adults, they remember their first ex-libris with love and nostalgia. Normally, readers, as they grow up, change their ex-libris to mark their adult collection with a new design. Remember that to personalize your ex-libris you only need to fill in the "Inscription" field. 

Reading around a good book

Shared reading between children and adults is a rewarding activity that not only shows children the richness of the written word, but also strengthens the bonds between members of the same family.

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