Rosa Luxemburg bookmark


Rosa Luxemburg's bookmark
Dimensions 5.5 x 18 cm

Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919) was a prominent Polish-born political theorist and activist who played a pivotal role in the socialist and communist movement in Germany in the early 20th century.
The quote that appears in the bookmark is "Freiheit ist immer Freiheit des anders Denkenden" ("Freedom is always the freedom of those who think differently").

Bookmarks dedicated to great women

In my bookmark series, I have given priority to rescuing the voice of women. For this reason, you will find more bookmarks dedicated to female figures than to male figures. My goal has been to recover the words of women who played prominent roles in various fields, not limiting myself only to women writers, in order to keep their relevance today.

A bookmark to organize your reading

Page markers allow you to easily mark the exact spot where you stopped in each book, which is especially beneficial if you are reading multiple books simultaneously or if you have an interest in various literary genres. With the help of personalized bookmarks with author portraits, you can quickly identify which book you are reading and resume reading without confusion.

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