Stationery gift box with a bookmark and a garland


Inside this box you will find a bookmark with a quote from a writer and a handmade garland, all meticulously made in my workshop. The box will be delivered ready to give as a gift and will contain a postcard where you can write a personal message. If you prefer to send the box directly to the person you wish to give as a gift, you can provide me with your personal message in the space provided. notes* and I'll write it on the postcard.

Instructions to complete your order:

1. Choose a bookmark.

2. Select a garland.

3. Choose the type of paper you prefer for the garland.

Once you have done these actions you can continue with the purchase process.

*Notes are available on the cart screen.

Bookmark and garland with quotes from writers

By giving this box as a gift, you are offering original handcrafted pieces. Our bookmarks with the portraits of the writers are designed to surprise the reader when they are placed between the pages of the book, since the portrait of each writer is highlighted in a fun way, visualizing their facial expression and when opening the book, being able to read the chosen quote. The same goes for the garlands that are designed to decorate the shelves full of books with the most famous words of each writer.

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