Gift box with a bookplate and a bookmark


Perfect for reading lovers, this gift box includes an ex-libris and a bookmark, all handmade in my artisan workshop in a sustainable way. The box will be delivered gift-ready and features a postcard on which you can write your own words. If you prefer that I send the box directly to the person you wish to give the gift to, you can provide me with your message in the notes* and I will fill out the postcard for you.

Instructions to place your order:

1. Choose an ex-libris: Choose one of the available models in the list. If the ex-libris you want is not in the list, select another one and specify the name you want in the notes*. This box does not include two-color ex-libris or custom-made ex-libris.

2. Fill in the "Inscription" field with the name you want to appear on the bookplate.

3. Select the ink color you prefer for your stamp.

4. Choose a bookmark.

Once you have selected all the desired options, you are ready to proceed to checkout.

*The notes section is located on the cart screen.

An ex-libris is the most original gift you can give to a reader.

Ex-libris stamps, also known simply as ex-libris, are personalized marks that are stamped on books, usually on the flyleaf, to indicate ownership of the book. Offering a personalized ex-libris stamp is a unique and touching gesture that demonstrates a special love for a reader. Upon receiving this box, the reader will not only be honored with an ex-libris but also with a bookmark with a quote from their favorite classic writer.

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