Seagull and horizon

Ex-libris Seagull and horizon
Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm
This ex-libris appeared to me from a balcony with the sea on the horizon and the seagulls flying over it. I assure you that I saw this image and I searched, searched for days, drawing non-stop, changing colors, shapes of the sea, directions of wings flying, until I found it. 

A handmade ex-libris stamp

A handmade ex-libris is my signature stamp. Each of these stamps is handmade, one by one, with special attention to avoid wasting material. They are equipped with an ergonomic wooden handle, designed to provide ease and comfort in the stamping process.
But that's not all: each ex-libris is a personalized work. All you need to do is fill in your name in the Inscription section, and your stamp will take on a unique dimension. This way, every time you stamp your ex-libris, you will be leaving a distinctive mark on your book collection.

A two-color ex-libris stamp

This ex-libris stamp features a two-color printing, which means that its design will be made through two different stamps: one in blue and the other in yellow. The stamping process involves the sequential application of both stamps; in this case, I recommend you start by stamping the yellow one and move on to the blue one.

Perfect! Write the dedication in the "notes" section on the cart screen. The gift will arrive with a postcard that will carry your message.

After marking your books with the ex-libris, take a sheet of paper and stamp the stamp until no mark remains. Then, store it in the cloth bag you received with shipping so the seal lasts a long time.

The manufacturing time of the ex-libris stamp is one business day.

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