Ex-libris Penguin
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

Our little penguin is undoubtedly the most pampered animal in our collection of ex-libris. He spends all day in the arms of his companions. He likes to be always well accompanied, he is very tender and spends the day giving cuddles.

An ex-libris for your first readings

Having an ex-libris during childhood to mark your books is an invaluable experience. Those lucky readers who have had this opportunity remember it with fondness and affection. Often, when they reach adulthood, they opt for a new one, but they always keep fondly in their memory and in their books the design that marked their first readings.
Personalizing your ex-libris with your name or the name of the reader to whom you want to give it as a gift is simple, just fill in the "Inscription" field.

A stamp designed for the youngest readers

The ex-libris from my workshop have wooden handles designed to make stamping easier. Even the youngest children can stamp without a problem; at first, they may need a little practice, but once they master it, nothing can stop them.

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