Ex-libris Panda
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

Our panda is a shy and sensitive animal. He likes to have his moments of solitude, where he climbs trees and eats bamboo leaves. But he also loves to share with his tribe walks in the forest and climb icy mountains to play with the snow.

A handcrafted and personalized ex-libris

Each of our stamps is meticulously and painstakingly crafted in my artisan workshop, ensuring that each piece is unique to the reader who will use it in his or her library. In order to make sure that the stamp is perfect in every way. In addition, the children's ex-libris have an ergonomic handle designed especially for the hands of the little ones.
To make your stamp unique, just enter your name in the "Inscription" field.

Enjoy reading a story

Sharing reading between children and adults is a rewarding experience that not only exposes children to the richness of written words, but also strengthens bonds within the family.

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