Ex-libris Gabardine
Dimensions: 5 x 9 cm

Today, looking out my window, I saw a man dressed in a long black trench coat, wearing a big hat that covered his face, walking stealthily. Observing the scene I realized that he was following someone who was walking quietly a few meters in front of him. The phone rang and I picked it up, but there was no answer, when I returned to the window there was no one there. This stamp is dedicated to the noir novel, to the detective novel, to the polar. An exlibris for suspense lovers.

A handmade stamp

All my ex-libris are handmade, taking care that the quality is optimal at the time of stamping. As the ex-libris stamp is a signature of its owner, all the ex-libris of this workshop are personalized. That is why you must fill in the Inscription section with your name or the inscription you would like to appear.

Your book collection is your legacy

For readers, their book collection is one of their most valuable legacies. That is why marking your books with your ex-libris stamp becomes a mark of the collection you created, of your readings and of the legacy you leave to your family and friends.

Perfect! Write the dedication in the "notes" section on the cart screen. The gift will arrive with a postcard that will carry your message.

After marking your books with the ex-libris, take a sheet of paper and stamp the stamp until no mark remains. Then, store it in the cloth bag you received with shipping so the seal lasts a long time.

The manufacturing time of the ex-libris stamp is one business day.

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