Book to the sea

Ex-libris Book to the sea
Two stamps of 5 x 5 cm
What would it be like if we threw our book into the sea to take a dip between reading and reading? This design is the result of this fantasy.

A stamp made in an artisan workshop

Each of these stamps is meticulously conceived and crafted from start to finish by Roser in her artisan workshop, involving the entire process from the creation of the design to the manufacturing of the final stamp. Each stamp that comes from this workshop has been meticulously designed with the intention of uniquely and specially personalizing particular book collections. Don't forget to write your name in the Inscription space so that the stamp arrives at your home ready to mark your personal library.

An ex-libris with two stamps and two colors

This ex-libris stamp features an impression that combines two colors, which means that its design will be made through two different stamps: one in blue and the other in yellow. The stamping process involves the sequential application of both stamps; for this design, my recommendation is to start the stamping with the yellow color and then continue with the blue.

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It is advisable to clean the ex-libris after each use so that the seal lasts longer. After marking your books, simply take a sheet of paper and stamp until there is no ink left. Do not wash it with water or use solvents, as these could damage the engraving. Avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces or scouring pads.

The entire production process takes place in Roser's workshop in Barcelona.

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