Ex-libris Wheat Fingers


Ex-libris Wheat Fingers
Dimensions: 9 x 5 cm

Based on the work of Maruja Mallo, this stamp shows a hand from which wheat sprouts. A symbol that appears in the painting "Surprise of wheat".

The artist Mallo is, without a doubt, a central figure of the generation of '27 and her work is one of the most interesting of the surrealist movement.

A stamp made in a craft workshop

Made from the design of the motif to the manufacture of the final stamp by Roser, in her small artisan workshop. All the stamps on this website are designed to mark private book collections. Remember to fill in the Inscription section so that your stamp arrives personalized with the desired inscription.

For your art books

Undoubtedly this collection is dedicated to art lovers. Recovering in it fragments of the pictorial elements that Mallo painted in his pictures.
The ex libris "Wheat fingers" is part of my "Mallo" collection with three other stamps: "Wheat grains", "Verbena guitar" and "Eye". All of them have been elaborated to offer original models dedicated to the world of art.


Perfect! Write the dedication in the "notes" section on the cart screen. The gift will arrive with a postcard that will carry your message.

After marking your books with the ex-libris, take a sheet of paper and stamp the stamp until no mark remains. Then, store it in the cloth bag you received with shipping so the seal lasts a long time.

The manufacturing time of the ex-libris stamp is one business day.

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