Crown of ivy


Ex-libris Crown of ivy
Dimensions 6 x 4 cm

This stamp has been designed for those who are looking for an ex-libris with a simple and timeless shape.

A modest stamp to mark your library

With its classic and refined style, this stamp presents itself as an indispensable accessory for literature lovers and passionate bibliophiles. Its design, marked by simplicity and minimalism, makes it a timeless emblem that adds a touch of distinction to each book in your precious collection.

Remember that to customize the stamp, all you need to do is fill in the "Inscription" field below the options.

Remember that in the "Gifts" section you can buy a gift card so you can choose what you like the most.

It is advisable to clean the ex-libris after each use so that the seal lasts longer. After marking your books, simply take a sheet of paper and stamp until there is no ink left. Do not wash it with water or use solvents, as these could damage the engraving. Avoid rubbing it against abrasive surfaces or scouring pads.

The entire production process takes place in Roser's workshop in Barcelona.

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