Ex-libris Raccoon
Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm
Our raccoon is the joy of the ex-libris collection. He is always playing jokes, running through the forest and surprising all his friends with magic tricks. His passion is picnics by the river and bathing on sunny days.

An ex-libris stamp for young readers

This ex-libris has been specially designed for young children to mark their books with their own name. For young readers, having their book stamped with this bookmark certainly makes them feel that the book is something personal and special to them. Having an ex-libris can be a source of motivation for young readers to take better care of their books and appreciate their collection. To receive the ex-libris with the personalized name, simply complete the "Inscription" field below the available ink options.

Encouraging imagination and creativity through reading

For the little ones, reading allows them to explore worlds full of imagination and stimulates their creativity. Reading a story is a way of getting out of their daily routine and getting to know new situations and characters with whom they can empathize.

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