Book with legs


Ex-libris Book with legs
Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm

Sometimes we are books with legs, when we are so deep in a reading that we can't think of anything else. It often happens to me, there are readings that absorb me so much that only my legs continue walking in the real world while my head continues in the story.

A personalized ex-libris for whoever you want

Be sure to include your name in the area provided for registration, located directly under the available options. This way, you will get your personalized stamp from my workshop, allowing you to sign anything you want with it once you receive it.

Take care of your personal library

Imagine that the ex libris functions as a discreet reminder to those who browse your books. By holding a copy, they not only hold a book in their hands, but also a palpable manifestation of your devotion and commitment to literature. This emotional and respectful connection can influence the way they relate to the book; in this context, the ex libris becomes a protector of the integrity of your book collection.

Perfect! Write the dedication in the "notes" section on the cart screen. The gift will arrive with a postcard that will carry your message.

After marking your books with the ex-libris, take a sheet of paper and stamp the stamp until no mark remains. Then, store it in the cloth bag you received with shipping so the seal lasts a long time.

The manufacturing time of the ex-libris stamp is one business day.

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